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LCHE Activities Guidelines

LCHE members, while being diverse in philosophical backgrounds, are expected to hold the following fundamental ideas: educational excellence, parental authority and responsibility for education, protection and promotion of the family, diligence in moral and ethical instruction, responsible citizenship, freedom of choice among education alternatives, and defense of constitutional rights.

Member participation and responsibilty is key to a strong support group. Responsibilities should be shared among members so that no one person or group of individuals should be overburdened. Therefore, each LCHE member is required to contribute to the group through one of our service opportunities. **Please Note... Teen Group member parents will be required to serve in a Teen Group specific capacity in addition to their service for the LCHE group

Job assignments will be emailed to all members by the end of August. You will need to (1) reply that you received the email and accept your job; and (2)  add your job to your personal calendar.

One to two weeks prior to the activity, the event coordinator will email, text, or call you with your responsibilities.  If you are unable to fulfill your commitment let the coordinator know and you will be assigned an alternate job.  LCHE requires that you complete one job; two if your student is a also member of our teen group. Failure to complete your job/jobs will result in restricted opportunities for your children and your future membership will be reviewed by the board.

Field Trips
Our behavior in public places influences how others think about home education. Therefore, the following guidelines should be observed:

1.    Parents need to listen attentively to the speaker.  This is courteous and sets a good example for the children’s behavior.

2.    Parents need to be attentive to their children’s behavior.  They should not be allowed to behave in ways that might present a bad image of home education.

3.    Parents and/or grandparents or another LCHE parent may accompany students of LCHE   families on scheduled field trips.  Proper response to the field trip coordinator by the RSVP deadline should be observed.  On the rare occasion that there are a limited number of spaces for a particular trip, the number of adults may be limited as well.

4.    Should you see someone else’s child being loud and boisterous, wandering away from the group, climbing, etc., persuade him/her to check with his/her parent right away.  We need to help each other out in this regard because there are always times when our attention is diverted.

5.    Plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early at the designated place.

6.    Express your gratitude and appreciation to the speaker, guide, or owner.  A personal note of thanks by the children is a wonderful way to do this.  (It is also excellent PR!)