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LCHE Membership Form

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All New Members: New Membership dues are $25.00. 

If you move from the area or decide not to home school before Sept. 1, inform the LCHE Treasurer for a refund of your dues.

These questionnaires will be numbered in the order they are received to determine first choices in LCHE service areas.

1. *

LCHE Group Service Terms: LCHE is a non-profit homeschool support group that is only made available with the service of our member family volunteers. It is expected that all members of LCHE fulfill their assigned service responsibilities each year. If a family is unable to complete their assigned job, they may 1) trade duties with another member of LCHE and notify the board for approval or 2) reach out to the LCHE board to determine if an alternate duty may be available, however alternate duties are not guaranteed. 
the LCHE Teen Group requires an additional service duty to be completed as well. i.e. you will receive one service assignment for the general group and a second service assignment for the teen group.

Failure to complete the assigned service responsibility for the school year will result in a probationary period the following year. 

During the probationary year, two job duties will be assigned by the LCHE board. Failure to complete both (two) assigned duties during the probationary year will result in permanent expulsion from LCHE. 

Please check the boxes below to acknowledge and agree to the LCHE Group Service Terms outlined above.

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I agree to the LCHE Group Service Terms Teen Group Membership Requires an Additional Job
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Parent Names (first & last)

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Phone Number

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Family email address

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Graduation Status Info


(if applicable) List your graduating senior's name regardless of thei participation in LCHE graduation ceremonies. We will use this list to honor all our seniors this year.


Check all activities that have most met the needs of your family. 

Field Trips Bowling
Skating Park Time
Tennis Gymnastics
YMCA Gym/Swim Chorus/Chorale
Art Spanish
4H Yearbook
Teen Group Karate

List the area(s) of service to which you contributed during this past school year.

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Would your church be available for occasional use by our home school group? (Please check wtih your church officials before checking YES)

Yes No
Maybe, I'll Check

If YES, enter church name & cost involved, if any.


Each LCHE member is required to contribute to the group in at least one of the following ways. Carefully think about your family’s interests and overall schedule. Then volunteer in an area that you can fulfill and will be of interest to you. Teen moms (especially those who have teens in high school) are encouraged to sign up for teen positions as their #1 or #2 choices.  Click Here to review a short summary of each LCHE Service Opportunity.

4H Coordinator 4H Leader or Co-Leader
Bowling Coordinator End of the Year Party Coordinator
End of the Year Party Assistants Field Trip Team - Plan Field Trips
Get Acquainted Party Coordinator Get Acquainted Party Assistant
Graduation Coordinator Green Room Play Coordinator
Meal Ministry Coordinator Meal Ministry Assistant
Mom's Night Out Coordinator Mom's Night Out Assistant
Prom Committee Skating Coordinator
Special Park Time Assistant Tennis Coordinator
Valentine Party Coordinator Valentine Party Assistant
Website / Communications Manager YMCA Gym/Swim Coordinator
Yearbook Coordinator Yearbook Asssistant
5th Grade Symphony Coordinator Other: Please list below
12. *

Please check to let us know if you are participating the in the LCHE Teen Group. You will need to re-submit the Teen Group Form each year. Visit the homepage or CLICK HERE for the link to complete the form. You may also review the Teen Group Guidelines HERE. In the next paragraph, you'll pick from the Teen Service Jobs area.

 (1 required)
Yes, We will be participating in the Teen Group No, We will not be in the Teen Group

THIS SECTION ONLY APPLIES TO THOSE JOINING THE TEEN GROUP, please skip these if you are not in the Teen Group. These service opportunities are for teen group members only. The Teen Group includes students who are in the 7th-12th and are 12 years old by 8-31-23. Each of the following requires working with the teen committee to obtain approval for activities and close contact to ensure all aspects of each position is being fulfilled. Click Here to review each Teen Group Service Opportunity.

Graduation Coordinator Jr/Sr Trip Coordinator
Jr/Sr Trip Assistant LINC on Wheels Luncheon Coordinator
LINC on Wheels Luncheon Assistant Teen Dinner Coordinator
Teen Dinner Assistants Teen Field Trip/Fellowship Team Coordinator
Teen Field Trip/Fellowship Hostess Team Teen Group Coordinator
Teen Valentine Party Coordinator Teen Valentine Party Assistant
Toys for Tots Coordinator Samaritan's Purse Coordinator
14. *

Rank your choices 1, 2 or 3 with 1 being your first choice. We will try to give you one of your top choices. 

If you would like to reread the By Laws before submitting the form Click Here.  Submitting this form will serve as your signature in agreement to the following:

I have read the LCHE By Laws.  I agree to respect Christian values and the statement of faith included in the By Laws.  I will adhere to the LCHE Guidelines and the LCHE Teen Guidelines (if applicable to my children).